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7 Days of Yoga for Complete Beginners

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All of the practices of Yoga are designed to help us fulfil our purpose and through fulfilling that purpose we come to understand ourselves. The ASANA is one component of that. We also have other parts of our body or being that are more subtle and we will address them on here. This are PRANAYAMA - helps us watch everything unfold without being caught up in situations and MEDITATION which helps us clear out the mind. Who is this course for? * Beginner yoga practitioners who never did yoga before * Regular yoga practitioners who don't mind going back to the beginners mind * Students who want to live more mindfully, managing their stress and anxieties * Someone curious about the deeper level of the yoga practice * Anyone wanting to learn more about yoga in a safe way and a safe home setting. What will students learn in your course? * Build a yoga practice from the ground up with confidence without any prior experience * How to link the breath with the movement in order to calm the mind and activate the parasympathetic nervous system * You will learn how to use the tools that you already have within you to calm the mind and lower stress and anxiety * Increase flexibility and mobility of body and mind * Building strength to support the joints in everyday life This is a very gentle and mindful practice so do not expect fancy poses but a lot of awareness and mindfulness and being able to observe and listen with an open mind. Expect practices from 10 to 60 minutes

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