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Adho Mucha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)

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Adho Mucha Svanasana / Downward Facing Dog comes from the Sanskrit word, where Adho = Downward, Mucha = Face, Svana = Dog.

This is a great posture in many ways. It has loads of benefits attached to it. And as with everything in life that is worth having Downward Facing Dog is a journey.

Downward Dog is considered in Yoga a posture you rest in. As time passes and you practice more Yoga, this can be a pose you get into at the end of the day so the blood and lymph can flow in the opposite direction.

Or it can be a resting pose during a class environment when the teacher will maybe give options to pause and breath in Downward Dog or in Child Pose (resting pose too)

And I now that at the moment it might be far from a resting pose, with practice it will become so much smoother and easier to achieve. I promise :)

Until then, modifications are key.

Remember two most important aspects of this pose for life long practice:

1. Having a long spine so the breath can easily flow it's the most important aspect of DD. However one can achieve that, it's down to safe imagination and the modifications below

2. When in DD, press the fingers into the floor not the wrists! Take the pressure off the wrists.


  • place 1 block under each palm so the pressure is take from the wrist and shoulders

  • bend the knees as much as you need to

  • place hand on the wall or on a chair

  • place a blanket under the heels

  • if you have high blood pressure modify the pose where the head is not lower the the hearts ( wall supported dog )


  • It's a posterior chain stretch

  • relieves stress and mild depression

  • calms the mind

  • increases circulation and blood flow

  • strengthen the arms and legs

  • energises the whole body

Give it a go today!

Move with Love

C xxx

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