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April - Shift, Changes + FREE Meditation (8 min)

It is the beginning of the month, therefore I'm in your inbox, thank you for being here.

- The most beautiful time, is when I write this news 'letters' to you -

Hope you have a lovely break and Easter time. Sun was shining today, hopefully where you were too. ☀️🙏

A lot of changes are coming our way lately - changing of the season, time has changed, and we’re also coming out of lockdown, slowly.

Therefore last Wednesday we’ve been doing a grounding practice, as it’s already a lot of stimulation coming from different parts.

It’s great to also keep doing some breathing exercises and meditation if you can, during this time of shift.

Here I am attaching a FREE Bright Light Meditation that takes only 8 minutes.

Have a beautiful Spring!

Keep showing up for yourself 🌸💓

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