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October - The necessity of an empty mind

Dear friend, Try to remember a time when you felt calm and connected. Where everything seemed to slow down and you were not feeling any rush of doing, being, seeking. You just existed. When was it for you? What were you doing? I remember that time very perfect. Holds a special places in my heart and I try to reconnect with it daily, through stillness and meditation. Finding an actual physical calm, quite place daily, for me, it's crucial. Let's me hold the space, to see from far without getting caught up in my mind, to observe and reconnect. It's October folks! ....The leaves are getting gold in colour. Have you noticed yet? .... Mornings have a different kind of smell Each month with it's beauty. Have you noticed?

"The mind of the beginner is empty, free of the habits of the experts, ready to accept, to doubt and open to all the possibilities."

The necessity of an empty mind

Yoga gives us the capacity to create space: between one action and another between one breath and another between one thought and another allowing emptiness to inundate our minds

therefore keep your body relaxed, sensitive and awake. Mind fully alert and observant. Perhaps something unexpected will come. It may arrive from quite a different or even opposite direction. Sometimes strange things happen. Let us be open to receive them... Relax your shoulders

Close your eyes Inhale deeply, exhale fully.

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