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Yoga with Love

We all know who we are, but for some reason, along the way we lose that connection with ourself.
This is the place to get back to the true you.

Practice from anywhere, anytime.

Supportive practices that fit into your day

  • Get unlimited access to live classes that you've missed during the week

  • Choose the length of class to suit your day and mood

  • Focus on different parts / area of the body that will support your unique needs

  • A simple, real approach to the practice of Yoga - no fancy words, no trends

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Package details

Somatic movement

Meditation and Breathing exercises

Restorative Yoga

Slow and Gentle Movement

Therapeutic Yoga

Pre-recorded content ranges from 10-75 min

What you'll develop after a regular yoga practice

You will find a sense of calm, inner smile, clarity, compassion.

You will develop an awareness of yourself which will result in making decisions from your heart.

You'll develop a love and compassion towards yourself, as a result all around you will benefit from.


You'll become more open minded, accept things as they are, living at ease and relaxed. 

Increased flexibility and strength of body and mind.


You have left me in a deep state of relaxation. If I practice this everyday, I will become a better person.

I really look forward to practice. It's a perfect balance of movement and relaxation. You have a wonderful calming presence.

Lovely start to a Sunday and the rest of the week. I feel like I need to slow down more.

I could listen to you all day. The pacing of the class is just great.

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