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Uttanasana / Standing Forward Fold

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

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Uttanasana/Standing forward bend also known as Intense stretch from the Sanskrit word ut = intense; tan = stretch. The less the hips can flex in this pose the more spinal flexion occurs. Here, gravity should do the work on moving one deeper into the pose.  Find softens in the knees and allow the spine to rest on the lower belly. To find and maintain balance ground though all four corners of the feet 🦶. Having the head lower then the heart enables a good gush of blood to the head, revaming the blood cells, leaving you with a sense of novely. I find it great to do it early in the morning, just out of bed to release the spine after so many hours of sleeping and lying down.

Enjoy Uttanasana! 

Move with Love,

C xxx

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